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What is Star Wars Uprising?

By December 15, 2015October 6th, 2023No Comments

What is Star Wars Uprising?

by Ollie Green

In this post we’ll be here to answer one simple question – what is Star Wars Uprising?


At first glance, it’s clear that Star Wars Uprising is a new mobile game created by Kabam, a developer that is pretty well known in the app development community. Unlike many of Kabam’s other titles, Star Wars Uprising features action orientated gameplay and 3D graphics, as opposed to slower time based simulator gameplay like The Hobbit: Kingdoms.


In Uprising you are given the ability to create your very own character within the Star Wars universe and from there you’ll be able to develop your character by collecting new gear and unlocking new stats. For the most part, Star Wars Uprising is all about the progression. Once you’ve gotten used to the combat and the novelty of the new game mechanics, the original excitement wears off. The main fun is all down to the methods of character progression.



You’re not getting a super in-depth gameplay experience with Star Wars Uprising – instead you’re given a game that has fairly simple combat, repeated mission structures and a very light story that’s been thrown on the side. Sometimes though, simplicity is best for mobile titles and we think progressing through Star Wars Uprising can be great fun, especially when it’s played in small intervals during travel or whenever you have a few minutes to spare.


Another bonus to what makes Star Wars Uprising so great is that it’s based in the Star Wars universe – if you’re a Star Wars fan then the game world and mission environments should be enough to grab your interest to at least try out the game. Especially considering Star Wars Uprising is free. If you’ve got the money to spare, you may also be interested in checking out Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Although it comes with a price tag of $9.99/£7.78, KOTOR was considered a timeless classic when launched on the Xbox original and now it’s on the App Store and Google Play.


We hope to go more into depth to explain more about Star Wars Uprising in future blog posts.

By Ollie Green