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Party – Coming Soon

By February 29, 2016October 6th, 2023No Comments

When we remember back to our birthday parties as a kid, it’s hard to forget the party bags and the fun little gifts within. We’re not kids anymore, but we still deserve party bags for adults. Our Party collection is made for the kid in you – with a twist! By creating some hilarious party props made for the cocktail crowd, Paladone is the go-to place for party gift supply.

One of our favourite new products is our Face Straws. A set of 10 drinking straws with a realistic face attached, they will bring fun to the party by adding a goatee or an amusing face to your drink. You’ll love how they can lighten up a party and bring a hilarious twist to your cocktails. To step it up a notch, pair our Face Straws with our Party Faces! It’s a new twist on the masquerade party with 6 different party masks of a variety of characters, including an old lady mask. It’s a simple way to transform your party into something new and wacky.

The Party doesn’t stop there! We’ve got even more wholesale party gifts to make your get-together even better. There is our Party People Drink Markers, which personalize your glass with a reusable sticker to claim your drink. The set comes with 100 stickers, so you’ll never run out, just make sure to keep an eye on your glasses. For those feeling a little fancy, we have our Flamingo Ice Stirrers, which puts a flamingo at the top of your cocktail. As it is cemented with an ice cube, your flamingo can perfectly stand in any highball or cocktail glass and you’ll be looking tropical as you take a sip. If you’re really feeling in the Party mood, we recommend our Giant Cocktail Glass, which hold up to 500 ml of your liquid of choice. It’s perfect for your Moscow Mule or Old-Fashioned and the best part is that you don’t have to go back for refills! If you’re a fan of masks, add to your collection with this hilarious Head in the Hole set. With 10 double-sided picture cards featuring funny characters like a biker or a Viking, you are sure to be the talk of the party. Not to mention, Head in a Hole will upgrade your Instagram photos into hilarity.


We are the party gift supplier that brought the world face mats, so we know exactly how to liven up a party! Be the first to hear when any of our Party wholesale gifts are available by signing up to our mailing list: sign me up!

By Kelly Kauffman