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What we want to see from The Avengers Video Game

By March 31, 2017October 6th, 2023No Comments

Marvel have become giants of the big screen in recent years with Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) bringing a lot of money through movies and subsequent apparel and other awesome Marvel merchandise. Whilst marvel have run rampage on our screens in movie form we have waited a long time to hear that we will finally be getting a new video game. Superhero video games have been recently dominated by the Batman Arkham series and DC’s Injustice series. Things are about to change though, as alongside a new Marvel VS Capcom and a Guardians of the Galaxy Telltale series game, it has been announced that Marvel (in collaboration with Square Enix) are in production of two new video games in what has been named “The Avengers Project”.



Marvel fans are looking forward to the upcoming games and there is already speculation of what we might see. Many are hoping for the games to explore the marvel universe from head to toe, much like the two game Ultimate Alliance series. Also, like the Ultimate Alliance series many people are hoping for a large roster of playable characters. With a brief appearance, in the trailer, from Thor’s hammer, Captain America’s shield and a piece of Stark’s armour, the games’ characters are most likely going to be the existing MCU Avengers as well as other upcoming MCU names such as Captain Marvel.



Whoever appears in the game and wherever the game takes us, one thing has been confirmed – the games will take on a new original story, so we can trust it will not become a game of the movie(s)– something very few people want to see after the lacklustre attempts to translate Ironman and Thor movies into console games. The teaser trailer is under 1 minute long and does not give much away. However it is clear that the Avengers have “disassembled” in some way. This could mean that the story will be set post civil war or follow on from another storyline from the comics in which the Avengers found themselves disbanded and take on a new story following on from that or it may be the result of an entirely new plot.



The start of the trailer shows two things – a pair of glasses and a lot of destruction. It may be too early for theories but here you are anyway, the glasses could be those of Bruce Banner and the destruction could be the handy work of his big green alter ego, the Hulk. It seems very ludicrous and farfetched to base this theory on a couple of seconds of video but when partnered with the opening lines of the video it starts to take shape, “They say the time of heroes is over. That if you are ‘different’, you’re dangerous”. Well the Hulk is different and he is definitely dangerous. Could the avengers be disbanded and broken due to the Hulk? It is early and this is purely speculation but it wouldn’t be a bad idea – many fans would love to take control of the Avengers to go up against the Hulk.


Whatever these games offer they are set to be amazing and hopefully more will become clear over the next year before the first games release in 2018.