Marvel Avengers

Marvel Avengers

A brand that continues to grow with cross platform studio support for each new blockbuster film release, including Captain America: Civil War in 2016. Marvel is a hugely popular franchise for 'Millennials' (15-35), and with a canon of iconic comic book characters that includes Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk among others, this is a gift range with great potential and widespread mainstream appeal.

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Captain America Colour Change Glass

Fill up with red white and blue thanks to this fantastic Marvel colour change glass.Featuring iconic Marvel hero Captain America, this Marvel themed g..

Captain America Shield Mug

Enjoy a refreshing cuppa with a Marvel Avenger in the unique shape of this Captain America Shield Mug. Shaped like Captain America's iconic shield, t..

Deadpool Glass New

Deadpool Glass

Next time you enjoy a refreshing drink, be sure to take your favourite wise-cracking, mutant ‘super’ hero with you. This fun and stylish Deadpool D..

Deadpool Heat Change Mug New

Deadpool Heat Change Mug

Make sure this iconic comic antihero is at your side the next time you enjoy a nice warm cuppa! Pour in your favourite hot beverage and watch as your ..

Deadpool Logo Light New

Deadpool Logo Light

Brighten up your room with everyone's favourite comedy hero Deadpool! This super-fun Deadpool Mask Light has a simple, yet iconic design, featuring th..

Hulk Colour Change Glass

Enjoy a drink with more punch thanks to this fantastic Marvel themed colour change glass.Featuring iconic Marvel hero Hulk, this superhero theme glass..

Hulk Shaped Mug (special offer)

For those who prefer a stronger cuppa, here is the ultimate in knock out punch drinking vessels. Big, mean, and very green, this is a whole fist of a ..

Iron Man Travel Mug (special offer)

Stay fuelled and ready for action when out and about with this 450ml (15fl oz) capacity Iron Man Travel Mug. A perfect gift for any Marvel fan, the I..

Marvel Gadget Decals

Looking for some great Marvel memorabilia? Problem solved. With these Marvel Avengers Gadget Decals you can make anything and everything into great Ma..

Marvel Heat Change Mug

Watch the Avengers assemble every time you settle down for a cuppa with this fantastic Marvel Heat Change Mug. Featuring all your favourite Marve..

Marvel Key Covers

Give your keys a distinctive superhero alter ego with this fantastic set of Marvel character key covers. Featuring legendary heroes Iron Man and Capta..

Thors Hammer Bottle Opener

Be ready to party like a hero with this fun Marvel Avengers bottle opener designed like Thor's iconic hammer Mjolnir. A handy portable bottle opener ..