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At Work Time Wasters

By January 20, 2017October 6th, 2023No Comments


We have all, at some point, felt bored at work, whether there isn’t much to be getting on with or if the work you are doing is incredibly mind numbing, either way we start to look for some form of entertainment to get us through until home time. Here at Paladone we enjoy our work but we also love the range of desk and office accessories we have that help to brighten up our days.

  1. Basketball Desk Tidy

If you love a game of basketball and wish you could spend your days shooting hoops rather than sitting behind a desk then all your wishes have come true with our basketball desk tidy. This pen pot comes with 3 basketball erasers, a basketball backing board and a dry wipe pen to help you keep score.


  1. Desktop Putting Stationery Set

This desktop game is ideal for all golfers and golf fans as you can now enjoy a game of golf from the comfort of your own desk, which is perfect if the weather is stopping you from getting out on the course. This set includes a golf club pencil, 2 golf ball erasers and a notepad in the shape of a putting green which is perfect for keeping score.


  1. Desktop Fishing Stationery Set

If you love nothing more than sitting on a river bank enjoying a good days fishing but unfortunately have work instead then we have the perfect solution for you. Our desktop fishing stationery set comes with a pencil fishing rod with a hook, 10 fish shaped paper clips and a pond shaped memo pad.


  1. Etch-A-Sketch Sticky Notes

We remember the hours of fun that were had playing with our etch-a-sketches but thanks to the etch-a-sketch sticky notes you can reminisce over the good times even whilst at work.

  1. Tetris Light

The Tetris light is incredibly clever and also very entertaining. This light is mains powered and can be arranged in countless combinations with each Tetris piece lighting up once it has come in to a contact with a block that is already lit. This light provides hours of entertainment and will make a great addition to your desk.


Thanks to this excellent range of office and desk games and accessories there is no need for boredom at work ever again as these fun items will be sure to provide lots of enjoyment and entertainment even when you have the most boring workload to get through.