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5 Tips To Help You Host The Perfect Games Night

By January 30, 2017October 6th, 2023No Comments

How To Host The Perfect Games Night


If the title alone gives you flashbacks to never ending games of monopoly with the family, debating rules, arguing with the banker, and dying of boredom do not worry we have the perfect tips for organising that awesome games night you’ve been waiting for.

Have fun

First thing to note about a games night is that it is about socialising and having fun. Games are a great excuse to have some fun and socialise with some mates away from school, college, work, or the bar (etc.). The games are a gateway to conversation and good memories. Therefore, my first tip is to make sure everyone knows that. Flashbacks to the horror of monopoly are widespread and if that’s what your invites say then the mood will be low from the start assuming anyone turns up. Let everyone you invite know that it is, in fact, going to be a fun social event, especially if you add Who Am I to your list of games.

Choose the right games

That said getting the right game is very important. If you are reading this there is a chance you and your friends already have a shared interest in a board or card game. If you are doing this for the first time or are doing it with new friends find a game that is short and easy to teach so you can dive straight in. Nobody wants to spend ages learning rules on a games night, they just want to get to having fun. Having a short game stops conversation running dry as the game repeats itself over and over. It very much depends on the group but games such as, table top tennis, poker (and other playing card games) or some sort of quiz/ general knowledge cards are often a safe bet. If your group has a shared interest don’t be afraid to go niche instead of general when choosing a quiz game, for example Marvel comics fans will probably love some Marvel Trivia Quiz cards.

Themed night

Feel free to make it more than just a games night, make it a themed night. Pick a brand you love and run with it. It is easy enough to get themed games and it can be more engaging. Say you decided to ride the wave of the new Star Wars: Rogue One movie you could add more than just games to your night you could put on your Star Wars light, drink from Star Wars mugs and finish the night watching a Star Wars movie, while you munch on cookies from a Darth Vader cookie jar.

Know your group

Following on from that you need to know your group. You need to make sure that there is someone who knows the games well enough to teach them and with the self-confidence to do so. This is why it is preferable that the games you play are short and easy to learn. Playing quick, easy to learn games also allows you to play a variety of games and give everyone a chance. We all know what it is like to play the same game repeatedly and watch the same person win every time – you need to avoid that. That said, people are usually willing to spend extra time learning a game that is niche and specific to their interests.

You can’t play games on an empty stomach

The next tip is simple but vital. Have food. Have a table with snacks on. People love food (and drink) so keep some handy but avoid a major spilling incident at all costs. The last thing you want is to cover your poker set in coke or drop a jar of salsa all over it. Salsa is for potato chips not your poker chips (although there is nothing wrong with playing poker for potato chips, try it and see how good the hungriest player suddenly becomes).

So, don’t let your next games night be a major flop, follow these easy tips to pull off a great night of fun games and socialising.