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If you need to liven your party up a little, then look no further. We have some exceptional games to get drinks flowing and people moving one step closer to the dance floor. With great difficulty, we’ve chosen our top 5 truly intoxicating drinking games and if you like the look of these, then there are plenty more on our website. The party don’t start till you walk in with these games…


1. Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder with our Face Straws:



2. Make pour decisions with our Domino Dare Coasters:



3. Lift your spirits with our Shot Ball Game:



        4. It’s just a game, we aren’t trying te-quila :



        5. If being sober isn’t in your vodkabulary try our Hipflask Bracelet:




Take this quiz to see whether you are a more of party animal, or wallowing wall-flower:


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