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Not too long ago in this very galaxy, an up-and-coming film maker named George Lucas couldn’t obtain the rights to Flash Gordon, so he decided to develop his own space opera that drew inspiration from a wide range of literary, spiritual, historical, wartime and political influences. The result was an unexpected hit which ushered in a new age of cinema, launched the concept of the summer blockbuster and thrust the concept of media franchises on to the world stage. The rest, as they say, is history.

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From action figures to food, clothes to comic books, and conventions to computer games, the Star Wars franchise has been captivating fans of all ages for over 45 years with its iconic characters and immersive storylines.

For retailers, Star Wars has always been the brand that keeps on giving, and there are robust reasons why this sci-fi juggernaut is showing no sign of slowing down.


One of the key drivers behind the consistently high sales trends is down to the evergreen factor of the franchise. For the older generations who grew up with the original trilogy, Star Wars brings back fond childhood memories of unwrapping the original toys, games, tape-cassette books and merchandise at a birthday party or watching Luke, Leia, Han and the droids battling Darth Vader and the Empire on VHS over the Christmas period (although let’s not mention the Holiday Special, ok?). That nostalgia combined with the spending power of these now-grown-up fans has created a cohort of ‘kidults’ that will continue to purchase Star Wars merchandise well into their golden years.

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Where nostalgia plays a significant role in the buying decisions for adults, Disney has continued innovating and refreshing the Star Wars brand to attract younger audiences by the millions. From collaborations with other much-loved brands like Lego and Paladone to video game tie-ins and partnerships with high end fashion labels, Star Wars has cast a wide and attractive net across everything that young people might be interested in – capturing both their hearts and their pocket money.


One of the most significant drivers of sales trends for Star Wars products is the continuous output of new films and TV shows in the franchise. Thanks to Disney’s deep pockets, there is a constant stream of content being released for all age groups, with a long list of future projects on the slate to keep the excitement going. Even when the quality of the output has been modest according to reviews and public opinion, the revenue generated by merchandise sales remains strong with the demand for the newest toys, costumes and other tie-in merchandise peaking with every big or small screen release, celebration and anniversary.

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Even prior to the acquisition of Lucasfilm and Star Wars by Disney – and the subsequent creation of the new canon – a vast multimedia universe (now known as Legends) had already been generated by fans and creators alike, encompassing a wide range of easily consumable media including computer games, spin offs, comics, novels and more. Now that Disney has taken the franchise in a new direction with new characters, worlds and stories there is a whole new swathe of seemingly endless associated media, merchandise, toys and games for fans and collectors to spend their hard-earned cash on.

World Domination!

With a dedicated fanbase that spans the globe, Star Wars merchandise enjoys widespread popularity and demand in almost every international market. Paladone’s branded Star Wars products can be found in over 80 countries worldwide, proving that the iconic characters, imagery and themes of Star Wars resonates with fans across cultures and borders – driving sales to ever more astronomical heights.

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One thing is for certain: The force is strong with the Star Wars franchise. May 4th, also known as Star Wars Day, drives more sales of related merchandise and products than any other day of the year. The phenomenon easily navigates itself into new markets and seems destined to maintain its evergreen appeal to consumers while offering ever-evolving opportunities for retailers to capitalise on.


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