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No one leads the way in platform jumping more than Super Mario, so it’s no surprise that the little moustachioed hero is embarking once again on a brand-new adventure – this time to our smartphones!

Super Mario Run game cover

December 2016 sees the much-anticipated iOS debut of Super Mario Run, and as an established Super Mario gifts supplier, here at Paladone we couldn’t be more excited.

Super Mario Run takes inspiration from other established mobile favourites such as Temple Run, but adds that inimitable Mario magic that nothing else can quite provide.

Check out the gameplay trailer here!

Nintendo’s legendary games designer Shigeru Miyamoto, the man behind Mario, announced in September that the newest addition to the biggest gaming franchise in history will feature three different gaming modes, which is sure to get everyone playing feverishly all throughout the Christmas holidays.

The modes are said to include a classic side scrolling ‘auto-runner’ version, in which players control Mario by tapping the screen, plus a new battle mode called ‘Toad Rally’, where players compete with other users in a bid to collect the most coins. This version will see players running against ‘ghost’ versions of other users (a technique you’ll remember from the classic Mario Kart time attack modes).

The third mode allows players to create their own customised versions of the Mushroom Kingdom, using coins collected in the previous two modes. (Check out our Super Mario Magnets to see how we’re suckers for a bit of Mario customisation!).

Super Mario Run levels

Apple are clearly very excited about the collaboration with Nintendo, and Apple CEO Tim Cook was visibly impressed when he visited Nintendo’s HQ in October to test drive the game himself, even tweeting a picture of his meeting with Miyamoto to his 3.62 million followers.

At the September announcement, Miyamoto made specific reference to the fact that Super Mario Run will be the first Mario game that can be played one handed, supposedly leaving him free to eat a burger with the other (though we suspect it’s more likely because he’s holding a lovely cup of tea in one of our Super Mario Bros. Heat Change Mugs!).

Either way, this is a very exciting time for fans of Mario, and gaming in general. And if you want to get ready for the December launch, don’t forget to check out our full range of Super Mario wholesale gifts, including mugs, lights, and other great collectables!