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What an exciting day – our lovely new branded pencils have arrived! Not sounding very interesting…? read on, we’ll prove you wrong 🙂

In 2017 we starting seriously addressing the way Paladone looks at plastic. I’m sure you already know that we were the first company to bring biodegradable plastic to the gift industry (we shout about it enough!) by injecting an organic additive called BDP into our plastic products.

But there’s no way we were going to stop our eco and sustainability efforts there – we’re a big company with a big carbon footprint, and our journey through #MakingGiftingGreener has only just begun; we’ve addressed our packaging, our web hosting, our waste-cardboard, electricity and water usage at our HQ, our haulage, and even our web hosting (using a green provider, powered only by sustainable energy sources!) and, of course, we’ve turned our head to all other plastic waste all around the business, including removing all single-use plastic from our kitchens and finding an upcycled alternative to bubble wrap for our global deliveries, eradicating bubble wrap from our business.



So now we arrive at our latest effort, and it doesn’t just reduce plastic! Our new branded pencils aren’t just plastic-free (we used to only have branded plastic pens), they also bring every lucky owner the opportunity to grow their own herb plant at the end of the pencils’ life. It’s easy – use your pencil as normal, and when you can sharpen no more simply plant the stub at a 30-degree angle and treat it like any other seed – keep the water moist and avoid direct sunlight. Within 1-4 weeks your seed will sprout and you’ll be able to nurture your plant until it’s ready to harvest!

These pencils aren’t just beautiful and functional, they’ve also been made in the most responsible way using #sustainable PEFC / FSC-certified wood and the biodegradable tip/capsule contains non-GMO (not genetically modified) seeds.

As they only arrived a couple of hours ago, we’ve only got photos of the pencils so, courtesy of the innovators behind the product, here are some photos from Sprout World of the pencils in action;

Special thanks to Helen Armstrong of Silver Cloud HR for bringing these excellent pencils to our attention 🙂