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Every year around this time, up and down the land you’ll hear the question being asked. It starts off calm enough, but as the day draws nearer it soon increases to frantic calls of panic – all the time, the same question; When is Father’s Day?

Well congratulations, you’re finally winning! Because this time – for once – you know the date well in advance.

Father’s Day this year is Sunday, 18th June. That’s June 18th 2017. The 18th day of the month of June. Sunday. The third Sunday of June, this year. Write it down so you don’t forget. Got it? Good.
So. Forewarned is forearmed, and now you’ve time to prepare, what do you get for the perfect Father’s Day gift? Mum’s suggesting a bird table, but we know that’s really for her, so why not save that for their anniversary and instead get him something he’s really going to appreciate – something perfectly designed to suit his true personality.


You know your dad better than anyone… his quirks, his ticks, his annoying habits. But just like Cheerios, Power Rangers, and members of manufactured pop bands, everyone knows there are only really five different types of dad in the world. So the question is, which type of dad is yours?* And once you’ve figured that out, take a look at our recommendations for the best gifts to really impress this Father’s Day.

Grumpy Dad

There’s not a lot you can get to please a Grumpy Dad, but at least with this gift set you’re letting him be himself on his special day. A mug and socks combo to satisfy even the grumpiest of grumps.

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Superhero Dad

Ok, every Dad is a Superhero Dad at one point or another. But if your Dad really does fancy himself as a buff Henry Cavill type (albeit mostly in his bespectacled office worker ‘Clark Kent’ mode), then maybe this is the gift for you. A perfect hero mug, the Superman Shaped Mug is a great way for Dad to relax when not saving the world.

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Star Wars Dad

Star Wars Dad, a.k.a. Geek Chic Dad, knows everything there is to know about Star Wars, and loves nothing more than sitting in front of the TV for a weekend-long Star Wars movie marathon. He also, of course, loves a biscuit. So what better way to sustain his epic TV watching than this Darth Vader Cookie Jar, the perfect place for him to store his favourite treats safely away from rebel hands.

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Sporty Dad

He knows the score and scorers from every F.A. Cup Final since 1972, and he prides himself on never missing a match home or away. For a football loving Sporty Dad, look no further than this vintage style Subbuteo Mug, a great cuppa inspired by the classic table top football game.

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Lad Dad

Still young at heart, and always keen to have a few beers with the lads, keep Dad on his toes with a grown up version of a classic childhood game. Battle Shots mixes strategy and cunning with fun-fuelled inebriation – giving Dad all his favourite things in one brilliant Father’s Day gift.

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And so there we go, a Father’s Day gifts range to satisfy all types of Dad, and the perfect thank you for all those late lifts, free loans, dull talks and bad jokes that make a Dad a Dad.

*If you can’t see your Dad in this list, chances are you’re thinking of your Mum. Your Dad’s the other one.