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Disney’s Frozen, the animated movie that warmed the hearts of millions, is now celebrating its 10th anniversary. The film swept the world by storm upon its release on November 27, 2013, and it remains a beloved classic to this day.

In honor of its 10th birthday, we’ve collected a list of 10 fascinating facts that will blow your mind about the movie. Frozen made a huge impression worldwide and shook up the whole entertainment scene. Let’s dive into the enchanting world of Disney Frozen for some fun and exciting facts!

disney frozen character group photo

1. Chillin’ at the Top

The Frozen films are Disney’s highest grossing animated films of all time, with Frozen II receiving a lifetime worldwide earning of $1.45 billion (according to Collider). The first Frozen movie holds second place at $1.28 billion, and The Incredibles (2018) sits at third place at $1.24 billion.

Photo credit: Laughing Place

2. Merchandise Mania

The film’s popularity has additionally translated into substantial merchandise sales, encompassing toys, clothes, and various consumer products.  In 2014, Frozen merchandise surpassed Barbie, claiming the title of the most popular toys for girls during that holiday season. This was indicated by a study from the National Retail Federation (as reported by Forbes).

3. Disney Frozen Frenzy: Arendelle’s Real-Life Impact on Norwegian Tourism

Norway reported a 40% increase in tourists thanks to people wanting to visit Arendelle in real life. Now that’s what we call turning a fictional kingdom into a frosty hot spot!

4. Elsa’s Legacy: The Baby Name That Froze the Charts

In 2014, the year after Frozen was released, a spike in the name Elsa was noticed. A report by the group BabyCenter said it was the 88th most common baby name in 2014. Before that, the name had never appeared in the top 100.

5. Chart-Topping Magic: Frozen Soundtrack’s Dominance on the Billboard 200

The movie’s awesome soundtrack, featuring the unforgettable anthem “Let It Go,” owned the Billboard 200 chart for a whopping 13 weeks. The song, sung by the talented Idina Menzel, became a global sensation and played a pivotal role in the soundtrack’s success. “Let It Go” not only received praise, but also became iconic, playing a big role in Frozen‘s ongoing popularity and cultural impact.

A Winter Wonderland of Disney Impact

Disney Frozen‘s beloved characters, inspiring music, and unforgettable story have captured the hearts of millions for a decade. Even after all these years, it continues to inspire and make an impact on the film and entertainment industry. On its 10th anniversary, let’s celebrate the enduring magic of Frozen, and its lasting impact on audiences for years to come.

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