Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics

The hugely popular Marvel brand continues to grow each year with cross platform studio support for every new worldwide blockbuster cinema release. This fun new gift range celebrates the original tone and characters of the classic comic books, featuring pop culture icons such as Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man. This range has widespread appeal attracting long term comic book fans and the new generation of Marvel fans brought around by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, animated cartoons and more.

Every young child aspires to be a superhero making this range perfect for the younger generation. This amazing marvel gifts range also appeals to millennials as Marvel flows through the veins of pop culture. The universal appeal of this icon brand also applies to adults and long-time fans of the famous comic book characters and gripping story lines originally told in the pages of comic books and graphic novels are guaranteed to love these incredible gifts. This wholesale gifts range appeals to a wider audience than most spanning across many generations.

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Marvel Comics Character Mug (special offer)

A mighty brew for Earth's mightiest heroes! Enjoy a hero sized mug of your favourite drink with this Marvel Comics Character Mug! Featuring a full de..

Marvel Comics Heat Change Mug

See fantastic Marvel Comic cover artwork appear around all your favourite heroes every time you settle down for a cuppa with this fantastic Marvel Com..

Marvel Comics Luminart (special offer)

The ultimate gift for any comic book fan – a 12" tall illuminating comic book cover art featuring The Amazing Spider Man battling The Incredible Hulk!..

Marvel Comics Spiderman Egg Cup (special offer)

Feast like a Marvel hero each and every morning with this fun Spider Man Egg Cup and Toast Cutter. A themed egg cup complete with a Spider Man mask, ..

Marvel Comics Spiderman Glass (special offer)

Refreshments are always a little more amazing when enjoyed with a Marvel Comics Spider Man glass! A 400ml printed character glass featuring the iconi..

Spiderman Breakfast Set

Start the day prepared for whatever adventures are coming your way with this Spider-Man Breakfast Set. This super-cool ceramic bowl with Spider-Man’s ..

Spiderman Travel Mug

Perfect for use on the train, in the car, or whilst swinging heroically between buildings, this Spider-Man Travel Mug is a wonderful piece of memorabi..