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We’re opening up another mystery Question Block of goodies here at Paladone HQ, and guess what? It’s a whole Mushroom Kingdom’s worth of Super Mario gifts and collectables!

Like most of the planet, we’ve been huge fans of Mario ever since he first burst onto the gaming scene way back in 1981 as the barrel hopping hero ‘Jumpman’ in the original Donkey Kong arcade game. Since then, the mustachioed maestro has gone on to dominate the gaming industry, starring in mega hit after mega hit, including Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Land, the best-selling Mario Kart series and of course his first smartphone outing, Super Mario Run. It’s about to get even more exciting too, with Super Mario Odyssey set to launch on October 2017 – check out the trailer below!

Created by Japanese game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario has been Nintendo’s face of video gaming for over 30 years, evolving seamlessly over time from a 2D side-scrolling platformer through to his modern 3D incarnation of today (and you can be sure he’ll be at the forefront of gaming future too!).

Mario also has the ability to turn his hand to anything, and over the years has been involved with spin off games covering everything from go-karting, golf, tennis, football and pin-ball to name a few.

Easily the world’s most famous Italian plumber, Mario’s back catalogue of games has made him the undisputed king of the gaming industry, and with such strong brand awareness and worldwide popularity, demand for quality Mario gift supplies is always high.

We think a best-selling gaming icon deserves a best-selling gift range, so that’s why we’ve created this range of Mario wholesale gifts with products we know every gamer young and old will love.

Take a sneak a peak now at some of our favourites, including this illuminating Mini Question Block Light, this sound-effect producing Question Block Money Box, and these calming Mario Stress Balls – the perfect gift for any stressed out gamer! – or take a look at our whole modern Mario gift range here.

With new Mario video game releases every year, Mario gifts and merchandise is always in demand, and just like Mario himself, we’re proud to be leading the field.

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