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Super Mario Bros. – Coming Soon

By March 3, 2016October 6th, 2023No Comments

Super Mario Bros. Wholesale Gifts by Paladone

Even if you don’t consider yourself a gamer, you’ve probably played Super Mario Bros. The classic video game featuring our favourite Italian plumber, Mario, imagines a world of mushrooms, coins, monsters, and princesses that has captured the imaginations of many. It’s a reminder of more innocent times and begs to be revisited. Well, you can revisit Mario and his friends anytime with Super Mario licensed gifts! As a wholesale gift supplier of Super Mario Bros. products, Paladone offers you the products that will take you back to your childhood.

Now that Mario and friends are celebrating their 35th anniversary this year, Paladone joins in the fun as a Mario gift supplier! With items for your kitchen to items when you’re on the go, we have everything you need to declare your love for the classic video game. 

For your home, you’ll love this storage tin inspired from the original Super Mario Bros. game! By storing items like cookies, treats, or toys, this Question Block storage tin features a classic 2D pixelated design and is a perfect square. For fans of the Question Block, you can also put it in your bedroom with our Question Block light, a distinctive mood light is a brilliant gift for any video game fan. With a pixelated design just like the original 2D games, the Question Block Light even features the official classic sounds from the game.

Question Block Storage TinQuestion Block Light



If you really consider yourself a Mario fan, then you need the Super Mario’s Bros. Build a Level mug, which lets you construct your own Mario level on a coffee mug, A standard sized drinking mug (capacity 300ml) with blank Super Mario video game background decal, use the stickers provided to build and create your own personal versions of classic Super Mario levels by adding coins, mushrooms, Mario and more. If you’re a coffee enthusiast, then you can expand your mug collection with another Mario mug! The Super Mario Bros. heat change mug that changes the background colour and extra details appear, such as coins, enemies, clouds, and of course, Mario himself. A great gift to go along with a Super Mario Bros. coffee mug is our set of coasters, which features your favourite characters and items from the video game. The Super Mario Bros. coaster features 20 drink coasters with each individual coaster featuring the classic 2D pixel design of the original games for the full effect of the fun, retro Mario style. If you’re looking to cool things down, then we suggest trying out the Super Mario Bros. ice cube tray, which features the characters and icon designs from the classic Super Mario Bros. series of games, including coins, mushrooms, question blocks, and of course Mario and Luigi.

Build A Level MugHeat Change MugCoastersIce Cube Tray



If you feel like decorating your apartment or home with Mario, then the Super Mario Bros. magnets are just what you need. Featuring 80 magnetic characters and icons from the original game, the magnets include characters like Mario and Luigi, mushrooms, turtles, flowers, coins, and more, and even level details such as brick platforms and sewer tunnels, so you can create brand new levels in the exact style of the classic originals. Along with the Mario magnets, you can build your own Mario levels with our Super Mario Bros. pixel craft, which is really perfect for all ages! With 720 magnetic pixels included, you can follow the design patterns to re-create characters and icons such as a coin, mushroom, flower, star and question block from the video games series, and of course iconic plumbers Mario and Luigi.

MagnetsPixel Craft



For the studious among us, you can show off your love for this classic game with the Super Mario Bros. 3D motion notebook. A lined notebook with Mario illustrations at the bottom of each page, the front cover has a lenticular surface, depicting a classic Mario level scene with a great 3D moving image effect. Last, but certainly not least, you can take Mario on the go with you with our Super Mario Bros. Multi-Tool.  A handy keyring to carry with you wherever you go, the iconic Italian plumber will always be on hand to give you a little power-up boost whenever you need it most.

3D Motion NotebookMulti-Tool



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