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Subbuteo World Cup

By September 1, 2016October 6th, 2023No Comments

Football’s coming home – or rather, home-based football is going to Belgium – which in a way is even better!

That’s because this year the Subbuteo World Cup is taking place in the beautiful Belgian town of Frameries, and as a well established Subbuteo wholesale gifts supplier, we’re going to be there too!

Subbuteo, (literally meaning ‘hobby’ in Latin) is the quintessential table football game, played by millions of football obsessives around the world. First created by Peter Adolph in the 1940s, the game took the world by storm as countless players recreated their favourite footballing moments and became their icons through the tiny plastic figures. Initially a children’s favourite, the game soon grew in popularity and became beloved by football fans of all ages, making it a classic cultural icon and the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful game.

Taking place over the first weekend in September, the Subbuteo World Cup is actually two World Cups in one, with an individual event on Saturday September 3rd, followed by a national team event on Sunday September 4th 2016. Administered by the FISTF (Federation of International Sports Table Football), there will be six different categories for participants, with (in addition to the Open event), separate competitions for Under 12s, Under 15s, Under 19s, Veterans, and a dedicated Women’s event.

We’ll be giving away this beautifully designed silver statuette – a true footballing legend if ever there was one – as a trophy to be lifted at the end of the tournament. A classic Subbuteo footballer on a money box weight base, this is a great centrepiece for any footie addict’s room, and the perfect place to store any spare change until next transfer deadline day!We’ll be there not just to watch all the action unfold of course, but also in our capacity as Subbuteo partners, and we’ll be handing out a fantastic prize from our brand new range of Subbuteo gifts.


The saying goes that England gave football to the world, only for the world to never gave it back. Well, with these inspired takes on the classic table top version of the beautiful game, we’re all about giving back and spreading the football joy, clearly the one stop shop for all your Subbuteo gift supply needs.

Paladone are proud to present our fully licensed Subbuteo gift range, which also includes this vintage style Subbuteo Mug and this dazzling colour-phasing Subbuteo Light;