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Here at Paladone, in Spring or Summer, it’s all too easy to forget the reason our gift-obsessed squad of 150+ staff spend our lives designing and delivering the products that we create. 5 years ago, Senior Designer Raf Zabuski set-up a yearly charity drive that helps us refocus on the joy of Christmas, the wonder of giving and the real reason we do what we do – to give smiles and memories to the recipients of our gifts.

– this video was sent to us by the citizens of Szczecinek, and the song is written by Paladone staff members Raf Zabuski and Pati Kubacka

Our ‘Presents to Poland’ drive, now in its third year, does exactly what it says on the tin. Paladone sends two pallets, stacked high with our products – all manner of gifts, gadgets, toys and movie/gaming merchandise – to a city in Poland where Raf Z. grew up, the city of Szczecinek.

Once the pallets arrive, our local contact Rafal Staniszewski breaks down the pallets and starts to sort through the products. As the recipients are as yet unknown (this being a ginormous version of Secret Santa, perhaps), Rafal splits up the product by color and drops them into bags, ready for handing out.

The other logo you see on the bags is that of ‘Art Piknik’ – a yearly art and music festival, founded and run by Raf Z. and Rafal S and it’s this partnership that introduced Paladone to the city of Szczecinek, and we’re proud to be delivering gifts with such selfless and creative individuals. Thank you both Rafs!!!


The first stop for the products is a local orphanage, Stokrotka (‘daisy’ in English). We’ve sent products here for the last few years, check out the 2017 blog here. Handed out by Rafal S, often dressed as Santa, these gifts might be the only gifts the children receive at Christmas, as they have no family, and the orphanage cannot spend its vital funds on things like gifts for the children – they have food, clothing, and electricity to buy!

After the orphanage, it’s off to the center of Szczecinek, where the Mayor of the city has put on a festive market for local families. Here, our Paladone / Art Piknik bags are given to Santa once more, who hands them out to some of the poorer families in the area, ensuring they have gifts to give their children this year. Throughout the rest of the day, a few special children are brought up on stage to receive their gifts, but only after they agree to an interview!





The final stop on our products journey is Szczecinek hospital. Here, as with most hospitals throughout the world, there will be children who don’t get to go home for Christmas and, instead, will be spending the next couple of weeks, or longer, in a hospital bed. The children each receive a bag of gifts in the hope that it might distract them from the boredom for a little while, and let them know that, although we may never meet, there are people from the other side of Europe thinking of them at Christmas.

Paladone is so proud to be part of these children’s Christmases. It does us the world of good to help out those less fortunate, like the orphans of Stokrotka or the children in Szczecinek hospital – and to be grateful for what our own lives hold and how lucky we are to be able to celebrate Christmas in comfort, with our loved ones. Even more so, it reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas and makes us overjoyed to be an integral part of it. Just call us Santa’s little helpers