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Here at Paladone, we are over the moon about everything coming up in May, here are our top thrilling dates to watch out for.

Mother’s Day USA, 10th May – This special Sunday is all about your mum, give her something unique that she’ll really love. Make this The One with the Awesome Gift by getting her something from our Friends range or treat her like a princess with something from our enchanting Disney Collection.  If you still can’t decide, we’ve ranked our top 5 gifts here.



Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, May 7th – Mario and Sonic are back, this time taking part in the Tokyo Olympic Games on the Nintendo Switch. There are dozens of different sports to compete in, including surfing and skating. Moreover, the dream events add an element of fantasy to the traditional Olympic sports. You can choose any character from the Super Mario gang to take part in the Games and can also take on friends in multi-player mode. If you are super excited to bring the magic of the Toyoko Olympics into your home, check out the wicked game trailer here.



Marvel’s Iron Man VR, May 15 – We are so ready for the arrival of this awesome experience for Playstation VR. Players get to suit up as, the one and only, Iron Man to confront his past demons. The screenshots leaked for this game look unbelievable. They reveal that players will be able to use Tony Stark’s suit to fly around the globe to save his industry and even the world itself. Sources suggest that you can modify the suit as you play and add in features whilst the game progresses. We’ve always dreamed of becoming Iron Man and cannot wait to get our hands on this game. Whilst we impatiently wait, have a look at these insane graphics on the game trailer here. 



PAC MAN 40th Anniversary, 21st May – One of the highest grossing video games of all time, PAC MAN celebrates its 40th anniversary this month. An icon of the 1980’s and still beloved today, PAC MAN’s design has lasted the test of time.  For the 30th anniversary, Soap Creative together with Microsoft and Namsco released ‘The World’s Largest PAC MAN’. This consisted of hundreds of fan-made levels linked together, where players could either create their own maze, or play other fan’s creations. We wonder if they will bring out another thrilling adaptation of the classic for the 40th anniversary. In the meantime, check out our blog that ranks the video games that changed history:

Namsco have even released a theme song in honor of PAC MAN being played for 40 years, get into the spirit and have a listen.



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