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Paladone’s Top 10 for Christmas

By November 16, 2016October 6th, 2023No Comments

IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so it’s fair to say we’re a little bit excited about Christmas here at Paladone HQ. After all, we love making great new gifts all year round – which pretty much makes us elves, right? So, as the season for giving is rapidly approaching, here’s a quick peak at our top ten Christmas gifts guaranteed to spread a little festive joy!

10 – Iron Man Cookie Jar

Iron Man Cookie Jar

Marvel fans assemble! Keep any Christmas treats safely stored away from prying eyes with this Iron Man themed cookie jar. Ideal for biscuits, mince pies, or chocolate sprouts!

9 – Mario Kart 8 Backpack Buddies

Mario Kart 8 Backpack BuddiesIt’s Christmas, which means Grandma’s getting to grips with the Wii U again and becoming totally addicted to Mario Kart 8. Take your favourite character with you wherever you go with these great Backpack Buddies, the perfect accessory for Mario fans of any vintage!

8 – Balloon Lamp

Balloon LampPerfect for a child’s bedroom, or just something to brighten up those dark winter nights, this Balloon Lamp is undoubtedly one of our favourite gifts of the year for sheer loveliness alone. A colour phasing light beautifully designed.

7 – Back Scratch Pen

Back Scratch PenA great back-to-school gift for the new term, or the ideal office Secret Santa to get yourself out of massage duty – this extendable back scratch pen is a ‘handy’ solution to all your back scratch needs!

6 – 3D Face Mats

3D Face CoastersChristmas parties are coming thick and fast, so you need something to break the ice and protect your surfaces, right? We hear you, which is why we’ve created… 3D Face Mats! A tongue-in-cheek party gift that’s just the thing for some wonderful Christmas silliness!

5 – Selfie Lens Photo Clip

Selfie ClipSo you’re all wearing your 3D Face Mats, but what now? How do you all fit into one selfie? With the Selfie Lens Photo Clip of course! Now your Christmas party selfies can be pro standard, every time. A great gift for posers and party goers alike.

4 – Duck Off Mug

Duck Off MugNumber four in our official list, this is perhaps our top pick for the office Secret Santa! A picture message mug that says it all, leave friends and colleagues all in a flap while you relax with a quacking mug of tea.

3 – Tri-force Light

Zelda Tri-force LightIn anticipation of 2017’s Breath of the Wild, get back into the spirit of Zelda with this eye-catching Legend of Zelda Tri-force Light. The perfect Christmas gift for gaming purists.

2 – Discovery Channel Smart Phone Microscope

Smartphone MicroscopePhone accessories are always a good option for Christmas gifts, but none are quite so inventive or interesting as this Smart Phone Microscope from our Discovery range. An educational gift allowing you to see things as never before!

1 – Super Mario Question Block Light

Question Block LightPresenting our number 1 gift of the year, the Super Mario Question Block Light! A must have for fans of all things Mario, this is a brilliantly innovative retro-style gift that brings to life the iconic question block from the original classic games. With a floating appearance and featuring original game sound effects, this is a great gift for gamers of all ages!

So there it is, our top ten wholesale gifts of the year. For more great Christmas themed gifts, be sure to check out our full festive range here, and until next time, Merry Christmas and happy holidays!