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In 2010 the world got its first glimpse of a new army of animated henchmen. Were they strong? No. Were they sinister? Also no. In fact, they were dangerous only on account of their mischievous stupidity and comical slapstick, which rapidly thrust them directly into the hearts and homes of kids (and parents) globally.

After appearing in 6 movies over the next 14 years – one of which spent time in the list of top 10 highest grossing movies of all time – these small yellow fast-talking quirky characters have become iconic household names with a fanbase that hasn’t stopped growing.

Their latest outing helped to make Despicable Me 4 the #1 box office smash in the USA on the weekend of release which is an accurate indicator of how popular this latest instalment is likely to be once it hits European shores.

If you’re a retailer who is still on the fence about stocking some Minions merch, read on for a short and sweet list of reasons why the world has embraced these diminutive oval-shaped organisms.

They’re funny

Without deep-diving into the science, countless studies have demonstrated that the human brain creates stronger and longer-lasting memories when they involve humour. As a result of their mischievous antics, Minions invariably activate the brain dopamine reward system which associates them with a warm & fuzzy feel-good vibe.

Childlike innocence

It’s no coincidence that the Minions resemble a bunch of uncoordinated hyperactive toddlers chattering away in their own language. Their limited intelligence and inability to consider consequences gives them a lovable quality similar to how most people feel about all the tiny humans running around in the real world.

Unwavering loyalty

Loyalty is one of the finest qualities a person can have, and the Minions absolute commitment to their not-so-evil overlord is an important theme throughout the series making them even more lovable & valuable in the eyes and hearts of their millions of fans.

Helping hands

Evil henchmen usually wouldn’t be found carrying out chores and babysitting children, but in the case of the Minions they can always be found cooking, cleaning, tidying and generally helping out wherever and whenever possible. A great example and reminder for all the youngsters who enjoy watching their antics.


Despite being perceived as almost completely useless, the Minions set an amazing example of what can be achieved through teamwork. They never leave each other behind, and when they pull together the results are impressive (if not somewhat surprising). Lessons we can all learn from.

Caring nature

As humans, we tend to care more about those who care about others. Throughout all of the films in the franchise we have seen the Minions care deeply about their master, the children and – most endearingly of all – each other. Seeing the lengths they go to for one another is just another reason why we love them!

Open honesty

In the real world diplomacy reigns supreme. Telling the truth can be dangerous business – unless you are a small yellow creature with a distinct lack of awareness. Minions never shy away from communicating exactly how they feel about any given situation or concept with reckless abandon, and that unashamed honesty is not only enviable and refreshing, but also hilarious.


If you haven’t been sent a funny Minion GIF, image or video at some point in your life, you might be living under a rock. Or perhaps you just don’t have a phone. Or the internet. Maybe all those things. Whatever the occasion, activity, message or motive, there is always a Minion GIF, image or video waiting in the wings. Their babbling voices, amusing expressions and slapstick behaviour lend themselves to any situation or circumstance, further cementing their place at the apex of meme culture.

In an otherwise gloomy landscape, these miniature mayhem-makers certainly bring some light and laughter to children and ‘kidults’ everywhere, demonstrated by the continued and growing popularity of the franchise they represent. Retailers who haven’t already augmented their inventory should probably get their pre-orders in now to ride that proverbial wave of consumer demand between now and Christmas.