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It is no secret that global warming is taking a toll on our planet. With movements such as the No Straw Please initiative, a conversation around what we can do to help improve our plastic consumption rather than add to the issue has ensued.

As a company, we decided we wanted to do the same. A year a go we became the first company in the world to bring BDP™ (naturally decomposing plastic) to the global gift trade in a range of 5 egg cups.

Today, we are beyond happy to announce that we will be including the BDP™ material in more than 257 products.

BDP™ will be implemented in various licenses, including Harry Potter, Toy Story, Avengers: Endgame and more, and include product categories like flashlights, lights, key chains, snow globes and money boxes!

But what exactly is BDP and how does it work?

A product made using BDP™ (which stands for Breakdown Plastic) – includes an organic additive that helps plastic decompose in landfill without affecting either it’s structural integrity before landfill or the recyclability of the product. BDP™ makes the plastic irresistible to the microbes in the landfill reducing the time taken to decompose from thousands of years to just a few.

See how we break it down below!

To further explain, here we have an image of microscopic images of incubation. The top left image is day one, without BDP, and the one on the top right is day 60 without BDP. The following two images is with BDP at the same time frame.


Breakdown Plastic has been approved to meet the ASTM D5511 global standard for anaerobic biodegradability, proving it truly biodegrades when disposed of in a landfill. BDP™ does not affect the recyclability of the product.

Check out our test certificates!


From everyone at Paladone, Happy UN World Environment Day!


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