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It’s hard to believe we are half way through January. Just a weeks ago, we were ringing in the New Year and setting up goals for ourselves and hoping they stick. We know how that goes, which is why we are listing a few items that you can gift yourself in order to keep the momentum going.

Host game nights

Start being the hostess with the most-est! Game nights aren’t complete without card games, and Off the Record has you covered. Music, timed challenges, musical instruments and cards, just dont forget the snacks! Appropriate for any age, bring your friends or family together to complete a fun filled night.

Be Eco-friendly

This year, it is all about saving the turtles, and what better to show off your care for the planet by carrying your own straw rather than asking for one. These Dino inspired straws are sure to make your drink look nicer, and make you feel cooler.

Clean up your office desk

If you’re spending 8 hours of your day at your desk, it helps to decorate it to ensure maximum productivity. Need a new pen holder? We have a pug for that! Or perhaps a new ruler? This unicorn ruler is sure to give you a magical measurement whilst getting the job done.

Tidy up your home

A clean home is a happy home, right? What better way to stay – and keep – organized than with these Legend of Zelda magnet. Great for holding up your grocery list or decorating your stylish fridge, make sure to conquer your reminders with Link.

Write more

Whether you’re jotting down meeting notes, or future million dollar ideas, these notebooks are sure to give your notes a boost of inspiration. Be loud and proud of what you have come up with while staying geeky chic. 


Traveling is always at the top of everyone’s list. And although the journey is more important than the destination, so is getting there in style. Make sure you exude your traveling wanderlust with this world travel mug, because no coffee gets left behind.