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It’s Valentines Day soon, and even though the holiday calls for showing your significant other how great they are and showering them with endless TLC, its important to do it for those that were there since the beginning, your friends! The buddies that are always there to hear you rant about the minor inconvenience that killed your whole day, or that have known you through all the stages of your life (yes, even high school) treat them to something nice.

For your Gal PalsĀ 

This Hollywood mirror will not only make her see the true star she is but also make a nice little *glamorous* touch to the room.


A Kawaii Peg Board, because why not write motivational quotes with the factor of cuteness added!


Is it the magic of the caffeine or the cup giving us all the feels? We’ll let you decide.

This neon light can be personalized to say anything or draw anything, perfect for your

For your male friends

A Batman Backpack so he can be slick at night.

This Fender Glossary Mug will keep rocking on even after the party is over.


This Shield Mug will exude power, but also quench thirst the best way possible.