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Face Mats Competition Winners

By November 25, 2016October 6th, 2023No Comments


You may remember, alongside Red 5, we ran a Face Mats Competition – become the new face of face mats. If you haven’t heard of them, Face Mats are a more than just your average coaster, they also feature a variety of different faces and expressions, they can be clipped onto your nose to create some hilarious appearance altering mayhem, perfect for party photos and selfies. Check them out in action here:

Needless to say, they are extremely popular and are one of our all-time bestsellers. So we decided to give the public a chance to put their own face into the next version and be one of the new faces of Face Mats! Awarded by public vote, the eventual winners were:

Face Mats Competition Winning Entries


Fast forward a couple of months and the new design has been through production and has just arrived through our door!

Thanks to everyone who entered, and Red 5 for assisting us in running and promoting this exciting competition, it’s been great fun! We’ve sent lots of packs to the winners to share with their friends and family and we hope they’ll be happy in the knowledge that thousands of people around the world will be donning their silly faces this Christmas!