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Over the last few years, we’ve been tackling the huge amount of cardboard waste that we create as a business. Shipping millions upon millions of awesome gifts, gadgets and pop-culture merchandise around the world means lots and lots of boxes! Previous efforts have included selling boxes to people moving house (proceeds to charity, of course), donating large amounts of boxes to Contain-A-School, who used them to pack and send vital educational supplies around the globe (check out the blog HERE), plus standard recycling of cardboard, which brought in a small income to the business.

This year the Eco Committee decided to step up our efforts even more, focussing on reuse over recycling, and invested our 2016 recycling profits into a cardboard shredder! It’s now arrived and is doing a great job – we can now officially say that Paladone are making our own, biodegradable buffer, from cardboard waste (buffer is what we use to stuff into boxes to make sure our products don’t rattle about while being transported around the globe).

The other benefit to this project is that we’ll be using less of our current buffer – bubble wrap! We currently spend over £9k each year on plastic bubble wrap – hopefully, we’ll now be able to reduce this spend, and therefore the amount of plastic we’re sending out of our warehouse.

Here’s the shredder in action –