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Sports Day 2018

Here at Paladone, Sports Day is one of the highlights of the calendar year, as all our various departments are mixed up and reunited in teams lead by managers around the office. It wouldn’t be a Paladone Social event without a bit of fancy dress and this year didn’t disappoint with some outstanding costumes on display. This years theme was “Battle of the Bands”, all teams had free reign to create a team to fit the brief, check them out below and let us know your favourite in the comments! 😀 The official winner of the costume awards was our very own Mariachi Band – Juan Direction! Do you agree that they should have won?

This year, 14 of the most bizarre Paladonian band themed teams, headed to Yellowave beach sports centre to compete for the ultimate Volleyball champion. The weather couldn’t have been kinder to us, beach volleyball in the 25°C heat.

The teams played in 3 ‘pools’ to begin, playing up to 5 games each to give us our finalists – 6x first and seconds, plus the 2 best 3rd places. These final 8 played knock-out games, leaving us with our two finalists, strangely enough, both had chosen 90s Rap as their costume theme – perhaps baggy clothes and bandanas helped their performance?

The Final; 2 Legit 2 Hit vs Fresh Princes of Ball Air

And our winners………….. 2 Legit 2 Hit! (a team that included our 132nd employee, Callum, on his very first day in the business!)

The after party was on Brighton beach in Oh So Social bar – drinks flowed, people danced and shook the sand from every orifice, and much fun was had by all… here’s to the next one!