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On December 1, 2017 at the SAPIK Hall on ul. Kiliński in Szczecinek a Santa Claus Ball was held for 100 disabled children from the area of ​​the poviat of Szczecin. During the meeting children and their parents participated in various games and fun.

In addition to music and dances, there were many other attractions, including competitions during which children could demonstrate their knowledge and creativity, and were given variety of gifts provided by Paladone from England and Art. Piknik in Szczecinek.

Also, all children were met by Santa Claus, who with his presence reminded us of the upcoming Christmas. Mikołaj did not forget about gifts for all children. The whole ball was a great fun not only for children but also for their parents who could spend time with their children in a pleasant atmosphere.

Parcels handed out for children were handed over by the Evangelical Brotherhood Association as part of the “Christmas Parcel” campaign.

The Ball was organized by employees of the Powiatowy Centrum Pomocy Rodzinie in Szczecinek and the musical setting was provided by the Music and Advertising Agency DJ PRZEMO Przemysław Pasieczny.

We would like to thank the Self-Government Agency for Promotion and Culture in Szczecinek for allowing us to organize the Santa Claus Ball and Paladone from England and the organizers of Art. Piknik in Szczecinek: Mr. Rafał Staniszewski and Rafał “Lambada” Zabuski for handing over precious gifts for the young participants of the event .

Thank you very much for the help, kindness and commitment that caused a smile on the faces of many children.


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On the back of this amazing success we were able to provide gifts for even more children & people in need, please check out the image gallery below to see some great moments that were captured of people receiving our presents. We were touched also to receive thank you messages back – even a poem – rough translation below:

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For truly open “eyes ….which I need to do other things ….For truly open “Hands …For cooperation …a “truly open” heart which strikes the rhythm to co-ordinate…. For true, that is the life and life which gives you hope, thank you … Today, I am pleased to welcome you from my faith and trust, and involvement to organise Santa’s evening for children with special needs from the area of the district Szczecinek which we treat as an expression, the state of goodness and kindness.

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