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There are not too many lives today which have not been touched by the Harry Potter Franchise, whether it’s a childhood obsession with the books, an adult obsession with the films – or numerous trips to Harry Potter land – the Harry Potter franchise has been one of the biggest film & book franchises in history. The series of novels, written by JK Rowling, follows an eleven year old Wizard on his journey to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. Possessing a number of magical talents, the main character Harry Potter embarks on a range of adventures, varying in danger throughout his years at the school!

At Paladone, we enjoy a fantastic position as one of the leading suppliers of Wholesale Harry Potter Gifts & Merchandise. Offering our customers an incredible collection of official merchandise – supported by excellent marketing materials, such as high-res product images and video which their customers love. We firmly believe our products help our customers claim their part of the £20 billion franchise that is Harry Potter.

In this post, we run through a few of our personal favourite, and most popular pieces of Harry Potter merchandise we supply.


Deathly Hallows Light

The Deathly Hallows story within Harry Potter includes the search for three magical items, the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone as well as the Cloak of Invisibility. This light allows the lucky owner to project these magical items onto surrounding walls – it’s the perfect gift for the bedrooms of any Harry Potter fan.

Golden Snitch Mug

Whether it’s for brewing up at work and ensuring that everybody in the office knows you are not only a Harry Potter fan, but also fiercely proud of your mug – or just having a cup of tea at home watching or reading Harry Potter, the Golden Snitch Mug provides the perfect mug to drink from. It’s a good standard size mug, and across the mug is an intricate series of artwork from the films, as well as the iconic golden snitch.

Harry Potter Egg Cup & Toast Cutter

How do you like your eggs on a morning? We are pretty sure that a soft boiled egg will be the favourite way to eat an egg, when any Harry Potter fans receive this Harry Potter Egg Cup & Toast Cutter. This set, features a fantastic Harry Potter Egg Cup & Spoon – with the perfectly cooked soft boiled egg becoming the head of Harry, complete with glasses, hair and scar. The toast cutter cuts toast easily into the shape of Harry’s scar.

Harry Potter Lenticular Notebook

This Harry Potter Lenticular Notebook is the perfect gift for everybody from students & children, across to colleagues at work, as well as family and friends. Whether this notebook is used for work, homework or simply jotting down notes at home – it’s one of the most impressive Harry Potter products we sell. The front of the notebook is the wanted poster from the movies, with the face of Harry Potter on the front, underneath the words ‘Undesirable No.1’

You can view our full range of 2018 Harry Potter Gifts, here.