Established in 1994

We know what makes an awesome gift because we share the little passions and BIG obsessions that inspire our customers.

Born in Brighton, oozing creativity from every pore. We want to share our obsessions with as many people across the world as we can. In 80 countries, thousands of products, 200 million delighted customers over more than 25 years and now we are spreading the good vibes around the world with our new homes in L.A. and Hong Kong.

We are hard wired into the fiercest entertainment LEGENDS and coolest trends. We are loved and trusted by our customers because they know that we are literally crazy about servicing the hell out of them.

  • Over 400 legendary new products launched each year
  • Award winning products and designs
  • Gift industry leaders
  • Design-led creators
  • We work with the world's biggest licenses
  • Environmental practices ingrained throughout the business


At the heart of our business are our staff, all gifting gurus, geeks and gamers, who leave no stone, Superhero, X-Wing Fighter, Wizarding Wand or Unicorn unturned to create the next gifting sensation.