Welcome Paladone’s Eco Committee blog. Here you can find out all about the amazing things we do to take care of the world around us. Happy reading!

Cardboard shredder – a step up in the reuse of our cardboard

Over the last few years, we’ve been tackling the huge amount of cardboard waste that we create as a business. Shipping millions upon millions of awesome gifts, gadgets and pop-culture merchandise around the world means lots and lots of boxes! Previous efforts have included selling boxes to people moving house (proceeds to charity, of course),…


Office move leftovers upcycled by local company

When we moved to our beautiful new office back in February 2016, there was a mountain of work to be done to get it up to our high standards –  a huge amount of which took place in the warehouse. One of the byproducts of setting up new racking was lots of ‘decks’ that we…


It’s a Wrap!

One year ago a member of our team, Dai Evans, decided to do something about the enormous amount of pallet wrap (heavy duty cling film) that was being scrapped each day. Pallet wrap is a vital part of our