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Poll Results – Who Is Your Favorite Superhero

By May 4, 2017October 6th, 2023No Comments

Here at Paladone we love a bit of healthy competition and we love to hear what you think so we put the two together and set six of the best comic book heroes up against each other in a poll to see who was the fans favorite. We are glad to say you got behind the poll and now the results are in.

We put Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Batman, Iron Man, Wolverine, and Superman in a battle royal of super hero giants and here is how you ranked them:


6th Place – Iron man

Apparently, money can’t buy you anything as Tony Stark’s $80 billion didn’t make him the most popular character on the list. The famous billionaire philanthropist turned hero is a leading marvel character with several solo movies and team movies under his belt, as well as leading roles in the comics as long-time leader of the avengers and much more, but even this massively loved character could not triumph in the popularity polls this time and it is unsurprising given the incredible competition.


5th Place Spider-Man

Spider-Man was for a long time the main man of Marvel and some would argue that poll has been taken up by the likes of Iron man but clearly Spider-Man is on his way to claim back his thrown. Particularly popular with a younger audience “Spider-Man” has followed many words in the titles of his comics and cartoons, from astonishing and spectacular to amazing and ultimate. Whilst only fourth on the list it is clear Spider-Man can hold his own in a popularity contest and will definitely rise up the polls after his upcoming movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming.



Tied 3rd Place – Wolverine

Despite what many may think Wolverine is a team player, most recognised for his key role in the X-Men Wolverine has also been a member of the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, Team Weapon X as well as the Canadian military, Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and many others. Yet despite his many team affiliations it is evident he can hold his own as a lone wolf especially when it comes to being a fan favourite. A popular comic book character whose popularity only grew with Hugh Jackman’s on screen portrayal of him wolverine is definitely a fan favourite.


Tied 3rd Place – Wonder woman

Tied with Wolverine in this poll it is safe to say Wonder Woman is one of the most iconic heroes set to feature in both her own solo movie and in the Justice League many fans are highly anticipating a great performance from Gal Gadot as she takes on the role of the princess turned hero. Wonder Woman is possibly the most recognisable female protagonist ranking with Lara Croft and even the most iconic of Disney Princesses.


2nd Place – Batman

Batman comes in second place in this popularity poll which is unsurprising considering he seems to be able to do anything he wants and when asked how he manages some of his heroic feats there is only one answered needed, “I’m Batman”. Billionaire and martial art expert with more than a talent for science and computing Batman can do it all and we love him for it. Batman is second on this poll but he tops the poll for most superhero merchandise sold with his icon bat emblem emblazoned on t-shirts, caps backpacks and more all over the world.


1st Place – Superman

Ranked as the most popular in this poll the man of steel Superman has maintained a fan favorite for a long time since his inception as a comic book hero in 1933. Since then the character has had lead roles in countless comic books going up against some of the toughest and most recognisable villains and even heroes as he has battled Batman many times most recently in 2016’s Batman vs Superman movie. This overpowered son of krypton has certainly earned his spot as number one in this poll of fan favorite superheroes.


What did you think of the results? Are they what you expected? Let us know on social media.