Enjoy this hilarious Censored game as you and your friends attempt to describe words to each other without mentioning forbidden words. This super-fun card game features a pack of 50 ‘forbidden words’ cards, and the number of forbidden words increases as each round goes on. There are also 100 ‘challenge’ cards that you have to describe to your team mates. The team that completes the most challenge cards, without using any of the forbidden words wins! Censored also comes with five fun censored mouth pieces, a sand timer and full gameplay instructions and makes a great gift for lovers of word games and board games. This is great for your next party as you can pit your friends’ vocabularies against each other. Purple Donkey games are fast-paced and easy-to-play. They’re fun for everyone and are perfect as Christmas games. With no complicated rules to learn, Purple Donkey leads you straight into the action making it the quintessential choice for any party, family gathering or after-dinner entertainment. The Censored game is a part of the Purple Donkey range from Paladone.

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