For Gamers

For Gamers

Check out Paladone's ever growing range of gaming merchandise, a mix of some of the top contemporary gaming brands and the retro classics. 

If you are looking for wholesale gaming products that are high quality and likely to appeal to gamers od all ages, then make sure you take a look at the excellent items we have available here at Paladone. If you have any questions in regards to any of our gaming range, then make sure you get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help.

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Assassins Creed Chrome Mug (special offer)

Hark back to a different era and enjoy a cuppa in this supremely stylish Assassin’s Creed Chrome Mug. If your adventure gets too intense, take some ti..

Assassins Creed Gauntlet Mug (special offer)

Take a break from your epic adventure and enjoy a cuppa in this stylish Assassin’s Creed mug. A standard sized drinking mug (capacity 300ml) with a g..

Assassins Creed Glass (special offer)

Enjoy refreshment whilst on your next gaming adventure with this Assassin’s Creed Glass. Take a break from hunting your enemies and drink from this s..

Assassins Creed Infinity Light (special offer)

Set off on another adventure with this Assassin’s Creed Infinity Light. Featuring the instantly recognisable Assassin’s Creed logo disappearing into t..

Assassins Creed Metal Coasters (special offer)

Protect your surfaces with these subtle yet stylish Assassin’s Creed Metal Coasters. This set of coasters come in four different colours all featuring..

Assassins Creed Mirror (special offer)

Stand and reflect on your action-packed adventures in a different era with this stylish Assassin’s Creed Mirror. This beautifully designed circular m..

Assassins Creed Multi Tool (special offer)

Be prepared for whatever situation may arise on your next adventure with the Assassin’s Creed Multi Tool. This super-handy keyring, featuring the fran..

Assassins Creed Notebook (CDU of 12) (special offer)

Whether you’re planning your next adventure, plotting your next move, or simply jotting down notes, memos and ideas, the Assassin’s Creed Notebook is ..

Assassins Creed Travel Mug (special offer)

Enjoy your hot beverages on the go with this sleek and stylish Assassin’s Creed Travel Mug. Featuring iconic designs from the game franchise, this di..

Black Ops 4 Acrylic Light (special offer)

Get ready for action and brighten up your games room with this fantastic Black Ops 4 Acrylic Light. This stylish bedroom light features a cool Call of..

Black Ops 4 Gadget Decals (special offer)

Nail your colours to the mast with these Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Gadget Decals - the ideal way for you to customise and personalise your smartphone, ..

Black Ops 4 Heat Change Mug (special offer)

Make sure you remain refreshed when out on the battlefield with this super-cool Black Ops 4 Heat Change Mug. Fill it with your favourite hot drink and..

Black Ops 4 Hipflask (special offer)

Be ready for action at all times with this super-slick, rounded Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Hip Flask - the perfect way to stay refreshed whilst on the g..

Black Ops 4 Playing Cards (special offer)

Keep yourself entertained when not in battle with this set of stylish Black Ops 4 Playing Cards. This pack of super-cool playing cards feature the ico..

Black Ops 4 Water Bottle (special offer)

Stay refreshed when on the battlefield with this stylish Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Water Bottle. Fill it up and remain hydrated whilst out on the go, s..

Boo Icon Light

Give yourself a fright, and brighten up your room with this fun Boo 3D Light. This light features Boo, one of the scarier villains from the Super Mari..

Boo Pen

Give yourself a fright with this super-cute Boo Pen featuring everyone’s favourite ghost! Taken direct from the world of Super Mario, this red ball po..

Bundle - Super Mario Icon Lights

Mixed Pack of 12 - 3 of each Super Mario Icon LightThese fun lamps are designed like the instantly recognisable Super Mario characters and are perfect..

Bundle - The Legend of Zelda Icon Lights

Mixed Pack of 9 - 3 of each The Legend of Zelda Icon LightLight up your room with an iconic symbol from the hugely popular Legend of Zelda! The Legend..

Call of Duty Cash Stash Flashlight (special offer)

Be ready for your call to action with this Call of Duty Cash Stash and Flashlight – a handy pocket torch that also includes a secret cash storage spac..

Call of Duty Dog Tag Bottle Opener (special offer)

No soldier goes into battle without their dog tag, and no gamer should begin a campaign without a dog tag bottle opener! Perfect for taking refreshm..

Call of Duty Gadget Decals (special offer)

Show support for your squad with these Call of Duty Gadget Decals – the perfect way to customize smartphones, tablets and laptops with an array of Cal..

Call of Duty Hipflask (special offer)

Be ready for your call to action with this Call of Duty Hipflask. A rounded military style metal hipflask with the Call of Duty skull logo, this is th..