Giant Booze Games

Giant Booze Games
Remember playing classic board games like chess and Ludo as a child? Course you don't, you were probably drunk. You've probably even forgotten how much drinking those games involved – when now's the time to refresh your memory, and your glass, with Giant Booze Games! A two in one set, Giant Booze Games contains a giant game board and oversized cups for playing pieces. Simply fill up the cups with your favourite tipple, then challenge friends to the ultimate test of tactical drinking games! Includes two game boards - a colourful Ludo board and a classic chequer board. Whether playing Ludo or chess, each time a player's piece/cup is taken, that player downs their drink, meaning the path to victory becomes that little bit harder as the game goes on. So get focused, fill your cups, and get playing! Giant Booze Games contains two vinyl plastic game boards, 32 oversized plastic cups with printed playing piece designs and dice.

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