The Tamagotchi is a handheld digital pet, created in Japan by Akihiro Yokoi of Wiz and Aki Maita of Bandai. It was released by Bandai on November 23, 1996 in Japan and May 1997 in the rest of the world, quickly becoming one of the biggest toy fads of the 1990s and early 2000s. As of 2017, over 82 million units have been sold. To be re-released in eight new colorways and eight vintage styles, featuring the original packaging and programming from 1997.

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Tamagotchi Glossary Heat Change Mug

Enjoy your next hot beverage with a whole host of digital friends, with this fun Tamagotchi Heat Change Mug...

Tamagotchi Keyring

Carry a piece of classic 90s memorabilia around with you at all times with this super-fun Tamagotchi Keyring...

Tamagotchi Shaped Mug

Pour your favourite hot beverage into the Tamagotchi Heat Change Shaped Mug and watch as your digital pet awakens...

Tamagotchi Watch

Carry a piece of iconic 90s memorabilia around with you at all times with this fun and stylish Tamagotchi Wristwatch and make sure you always feed you..