T3K® is the ultimate gadget gift brand. We offer a beautifully designed range of ‘tech’ tools, lights and accessories intended to make everyday life a little easier and a little more interesting. Within this magnificent range we have lights of all shapes and sizes, including lights dawning from designs such as the ever-popular moon light and the eccentric polychrome light which takes the shape of a giant light bulb. As well as lights this awesome range also features novelty speakers, a smart projector and much more.

Dive headfirst into this range of amazing gadgets and gifts that are sure to put a smile on the face of whoever you bestow them upon, assuming you aren’t just treating yourself (which is completely fine with us).

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Bike Wheel LED Lights

Light up the road and dazzle your friends with these Bike LED Lights. A great way to stand out and be seen when cycling on the road, the Bike LED Li..

DIY Posable Desk Lamp (special offer)

The perfect addition to any desk or work space, this DIY Posable Light is a cool-looking wooden desk lamp that can be adjusted and posed to suit your ..

DIY Projector Light (special offer)

Create your own personalized projection images with this DIY Projector Light, perfect for home displays and parties. A great way to create and displa..

Lightning Reaction Reloaded

Enter into the shocking world of electro-punishment with this thrilling reaction game. Comes with adjustable shock levels, how much can you take? Requ..

Micro Gizmo RC Helicopter (special offer)

The whirlybird catches the worm with this Micro Gizmo RC Helicopter – a perfect starter gift for anyone looking to get into the exciting world of RC r..

Party Wire Lights (special offer)

Light up parties and celebrations with Party Wire Lights – a set of sound reactive string lights that provide the perfect ambience for your party musi..

Smartphone Light Graffiti

Unleash your creativity and take some truly impressive photos with Smartphone Light Graffiti, a graffiti style spray can that lets you capture astonis..

Smartphone Projector

The last word in smartphone accessories. A brilliant Smartphone Projector with adjustable focus that can enlarge and project the images from the scree..