Super Mario

Super Mario

Starring in the number 1 selling video games franchise of all time, Super Mario is one of the most recognisable and popular characters ever created. This brand-new gift range celebrates the modern Mario, and with new games such as Mario Party 10 and Super Mario Run appealing to new and old fans alike, this is a gift brand with wide appeal to all ages. Mario is Nintendo’s main man and appeals to gamers of all ages as he has survived the test of time and still stands tall as one of the greatest video game characters in modern gaming and of retro gaming simultaneously.

We have gifts for all Super Mario fans including amazing backpack buddies,coasters and incredible gadget decals. We also stock an outstanding mini question block light, an amazing Super Mario gift which is perfect for any fan of modern or retro gaming. This range of awesome Super Mario wholesale gifts is sure to be a hit with your customers.

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1Up Mushroom Icon Light

Level up and brighten your room at the same time with this super fun, adorable Super Mario 1Up Mushroom Icon Light. In the shape and design of the ico..

Boo Heat Change Mug New

Boo Heat Change Mug

Keep your enemies real close with this super-fun Boo Heat Change Mug featuring Super Mario's iconic rival Boo!..

Boo Icon Light

Give yourself a fright, and brighten up your room with this fun Boo 3D Light. This light features Boo, one of the scarier villains from the Super Mari..

Boo Pen

Give yourself a fright with this super-cute Boo Pen featuring everyone’s favourite ghost! Taken direct from the world of Super Mario, this red ball po..

Boo USB Light New

Boo USB Light

Keep this pesky villain, and one of Super Mario's number one enemies, by your side with this fun Boo USB Light...

Bundle - Super Mario Icon Lights

Mixed Pack of 12 - 3 of each Super Mario Icon LightThese fun lamps are designed like the instantly recognisable Super Mario characters and are perfect..

Donkey Kong Lenticular Notebook (special offer)

Jot down your strategy for rescuing Princess Peach in this fabulous Donkey Kong Lenticular Notebook. This hardback notebook has a lenticular cover whi..

Donkey Kong Oversized Mug

Jump over barrels, climb ladders, and rescue Princess Peach, with this Donkey Kong Giant Mug. Just make sure you don't spill your cuppa!..

Donkey Kong Shaped Mug (special offer)

Take a break from jumping over Donkey Kong’s barrels as they come rolling towards you and enjoy a cuppa in a barrel of your own. This Donkey Kong Shap..

Goomba Icon Light

Place one of your favourite villains on your desk and brighten up your day with this fun Goomba 3D Light. Remember all the times you’ve jumped on this..

Green Shell Pen

Make notes whilst out on your next adventure with this classic Super Mario Green Shell Pen. This bright red ball point pen features an instantly recog..

Mushroom Light

Level-up and illuminate your desk or shelves with this super-cute Super Mario Mushroom Light. This instantly recognisable Mushroom design makes a grea..

Mushroom Pen

Level-up with this super cute Mushroom pen. Whether you’re writing your next plan for rescuing Princess Peach, or you’re simply making notes and jotti..

Question Block Icon Light

Harp back to a golden era of gaming and brighten up your desk or shelves with this Question Block 3D Light. This instantly recognisable Question Blo..

Question Block Maze Safe

Take on another Super Mario themed puzzle and unlock your savings with this super cute Question Block Maze Safe. Complete the puzzle, and as soon as y..

Question Block Pen

Write your plan for rescuing Princess Peach, or simply jot down some notes with this cute Question Block Pen. This ball point pen features the instant..

Super Mario 1-Up Mushroom Light

Brighten up your desk as you level up with this fun Super Mario Mushroom Light. In the shape and design of this classic icon from the Super Mario vide..

Super Mario 3D Coasters (special offer)

Protect your tables and surfaces with the help of everyone's favourite moustachioed hero with this  collection of Super Mario 3D Coasters! A col..

Super Mario 3D Jigsaw (special offer)

Put together this fab Super Mario 3D Jigsaw and watch your favourite characters come to life. This lenticular puzzle features some of the Super Mario ..

Super Mario Gadget Decals (special offer)

Recreate the Mushroom Kingdom on your own personal devices for the perfect Mario memorabilia with Super Mario Gadget Decals. A collection of differen..

Super Mario Heat Change Mug (special offer)

The perfect way to get a power up boost when gaming (or working... thinking about gaming), this Super Mario Heat Change Mug features the famous Mario ..

Super Mario Lenticular Pin Badges

Brighten up your backpack, your jacket, or any other item of clothing with these cute Super Mario Lenticular Pin Badges. From one angle you see your f..

Super Mario Light (special offer)

Add some Mario magic to your room with this 3D Super Mario Light modelled on the iconic moustachioed hero! Standing approximately 20cm high (8in appr..

Super Mario Mini Question Block Light

Enjoy the magic of Mario with this Super Mario inspired Mini Question Block Light featuring official game sounds! A 3in light (approx. 7.6cm), this i..