Star Wars Ladies

Star Wars Ladies

With powerful female characters leading the way in both Episode VII: The Force Awakens and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, women and girls of all ages have found renewed interest in this iconic brand, and Paladone have created the perfect match for this new demographic and you can find all these amazing gifts here in this Star Wars ladies range.

Following on from the powerful character of Princess Leia the newer Disney-made Star Wars’ movies have redefined the roles of women within the franchise as they have taken up the mantle as the main protagonists much to the delight of many audience members both male and female. These wholesale gifts are perfect for a Female Star Wars fan demographic and will be extremely popular with female,Star Wars loving customers.

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Darth Vader Mug

Enjoy a drink with the most stylish villain in the universe with this rather excellent Darth Vader mug. A standard sized drinking mug (capacity 300ml..

Star Wars Cup and Straw

A great way to stay refreshed in true Star Wars style, this Star Wars Cup and Straw features a stylish Stormtrooper design and and colourful Star Wars..

Star Wars Sports Bottle

Do not underestimate the force of hydration when working out – keep refreshed and refuelled at all times with this stylish Star Wars Sports Bottle. A..

Star Wars Stationery Set

A creative Star Wars™ themed stationery set for fans of the blockbuster space saga, the Star Wars™ stationery Set has everything you need for a great ..