Star Wars™

Star Wars™

Already the world's number one entertainment property, Star Wars™ has continued to grow in scale and popularity since its initial cinematic release in 1977. New generations of fans continue to discover the franchise anew with each subsequent blockbuster release, and this best-selling range mixes classic products alongside fresh innovations, including the newest gifts from The Force Awakens™ and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story™.


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BB-8 Alarm Clock (special offer)

Rise and shine brighter than the two suns of Tatooine with the help of latest Star Wars hero BB-8! A battery powered alarm clock inspired by the cute..

BB-8 Mini Light (Try Me) (special offer)

In the ongoing battle between light vs dark, tip the balance in your favour with this Star Wars inspired BB-8 Mini Light! Perfect for desktops, shelv..

BB-8 Mini Light EP8 with try me (special offer)

In the ongoing battle between light vs dark, tip the balance in your favour with this Star Wars inspired BB-8 Mini Light! ..

BB-8 Moneybox (special offer)

Fresh from saving the universe from the Dark Side, BB-8 is here to help save up your loose change with this cute character design money box. Shaped l..

BB-8 Projection Torch EP8 (special offer)

Fight the Dark Side with the help of BB-8! A great projection torch inspired by the latest addition to the canon of fantastic Star Wars characters. ..

Constellation Heat Change Mug

See the Force in action with a Constellation Heat Change Mug! A space themed Star Wars drinking mug, simply add a hot drink to see the image change, ..

Darth Vader Mug (special offer)

Enjoy a drink with the most stylish villain in the universe with this rather excellent Darth Vader mug. A standard sized drinking mug (capacity 300ml..

Darth Vader Notebook

Keep all your Death Star plans safe and sound in a Darth Vader Notebook, the ideal place to hatch plans of intergalactic domination. A black spot UV ..

Darth Vader Shaped Mug DV

Enjoy a cuppa with the greatest villain in the universe! An iconic drinking mug like no other, the Darth Vader Shaped Mug takes inspiration from the f..

Darth Vader Travel Mug

Enjoy a coffee on the dark side with a Darth Vader Travel Mug. A sleek and stylish black design with a shaped Empire icon plastic lid, this 400ml (1..

Death Star Maze

Think you know your way around the Death Star? Follow in the footsteps of Luke, Leia and Han Solo by defeating the mighty super-weapon with the Death ..

Galactic Empire Dominos CDU of 12 pcs

Battle for the fate of the Empire with Galactic Empire Dominoes, the only way to truly balance the dark and light sides of the Force! A Star Wars the..

Lightsaber Glass DV (special offer)

Rogue One is the first live-action stand alone Star Wars film. Filling in the gaps of the epic sci-fi/fantasy saga, Rogue One fits in directly before ..

Lightsaber Heat Change Mug DV

Porcelain mug, screen-printed decal with heat activated decal...

Lightsaber Mini Light DV (special offer)

The Death Trooper Keyring Light is 6.5cm tall (approx. 2.5in), powered by 2 x AG10/1.5V batteries (not included), and are an officially licensed Star ..

Lightsaber Mini Light DV with try me (special offer)

The Death Trooper Keyring Light is 6.5cm tall (approx. 2.5in), powered by 2 x AG10/1.5V batteries (included), and are an officially licensed Star Wars..

Millennium Falcon Jigsaw CDU of 12 pcs

Find the missing piece to your Star Wars memorabilia collection with the Millennium Falcon Jigsaw! A stunning 201 piece jigsaw forming a silver and b..

Praetorian Guard Travel Mug (special offer)

Take your refreshment even if still on duty with this official Praetorian Guard Travel Mug, perfect for extended hours at your post or extra long inte..

R2 D2 Multi Tool New

R2 D2 Multi Tool

When Obi Wan can't help, this little fella usually can. A 5-in-1 multi-tool inspired by the iconic astromech droid from the hugely popular Star Wars f..

R2-D2 Torch with Sound (special offer)

For any Star Wars fan fearful of slipping too far over to the Dark Side, this R2-D2 Torch is just the thing to guide the way safely back. With authen..

R2-D2 Travel Mug

Whether travelling to a distant galaxy in a starship, or just hopping on the train for the morning commute, home comforts are always important, so tak..

Star Wars Battle Magnets EP8 (special offer)

In a galaxy far far away, battles often take place in frozen landscapes. But don't worry about travelling to an ice planet to catch the action, with t..

Star Wars Cup and Straw

A great way to stay refreshed in true Star Wars style, this Star Wars Cup and Straw features a stylish Stormtrooper design and and colourful Star Wars..

Star Wars Drinking Glasses (special offer)

Enjoy some classy Star Wars™ refreshment with Star Wars™ Drinking Glasses – a set of two Star Wars™ themed tumblers that are the perfect way to raise ..