Murder At The Fancy Dress Ball

Murder At The Fancy Dress Ball
A fun-filled fancy dress game that puts your powers of deduction to the ultimate test. Easy to play, with dress up props and character themes, bring out your inner sleuth in this 'whodunit' game for friends and family. You were guests at the annual Manor House fancy dress party when a cold blooded murder occurred. In the panic that ensued the murderer made off wearing his fancy dress costume. A reward of £100 has been offered for information leading to the killer. As guests at the fancy dress party, you gather together to try to work out what the murderer was wearing, where the murder occurred and what the motive was. To keep order each guest takes it in turn to ask another guest who they were talking to, which room they were in and what they were wearing at the time of the murder. Using this information the smartest guest will be able to deduce what the murderer was wearing, where the murder occurred, and what the motive was. This player wins the game and swiftly makes their way to the police station to stake a claim to the reward money. Murder at the Fancy Dress Ball is for 3-6 players. The game contains: 21 x dress up items; 21 x envelopes; 5 x location cards; 5 x motive cards; score pads; pencils; and full playing instructions.

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