Campervan Shaped Mug

Campervan Shaped Mug

An icon of the open road to keep you refreshed and refueled! Designed like a classic VW Campervan, this distinctively shaped drinking mug is a great gift for lovers of all things off beat. The Campervan Shaped Mug is classically styled in blue and white, and takes on the appearance of the front end of an iconic Campervan, complete with headlights and VW symbol. A great addition to the kitchen cupboard at home, or perfect for the staff room or workplace, this is more than just a mug, bringing with it over 50 years worth of counter-culture history and cool design.

The iconic Volkswagen Campervan (or Volkswagen Bus as it was also known) was a symbol for the counter-culture lifestyle in the 1960s and 70s, and even now still represents a certain view of life for people looking to avoid the rat race and live at their own pace instead. Instantly recognizable, the vehicle is a by-word for freedom and a love of the open road. So take time out and enjoy a tea break outside of the fast lane with the ultimate symbol of carefree cool.

The VW Campervan Shaped Mug is an officially licensed product.

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