Champagne Pong

Champagne Pong

We’ve taken your game of beer pong, and we’ve raised it. Try our brand new, classier Champagne Pong. Just don’t forget to dress up smart! That’s right, the fun party game of beer pong has been given a makeover and its latest incarnation Champagne Pong will see you get through that bubbly in no time.

Based on the classic party game beer pong, Champagne Pong is easy to play and comes with all of the accompaniments you need to get the game going. All you need to add is your drink of choice. The game consists of 12 plastic champagne cups and 2 ping pong balls. To play simply arrange 6 cups at each side of the table and fill with champagne (or beer for traditionalists). Players then take it in turns to throw their ping pong ball into their opponent’s cup. If a player succeeds in landing in one of their opponent’s cups, the opponent must then drink whatever is in the cup before continuing. Empty cups are then removed from the game. The winner is the first person to clear their opponent’s cups away.

Champagne Pong is a part of the Party range from Paladone. Providing great party gifts focused on having a fun time with friends, the Party range has everything you need to get the fun flowing.

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