Mugs by Paladone

Mugs by Paladone

If mugs are all you're interested in, you've come to the right place. Shaped mugs, mugs with apps, heat change mugs and even dress-up mugs all help to make tea breaks a little more interesting.  Oh and did we mention we also do novelty mugs, big mugs, funny mugs, ceramic…there's a gift for everyone.

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Beer Mug New

Beer Mug

Imagine you're enjoying a nice tasty beer the next time you enjoy a morning coffee or cup of tea with this super-fun Beer Mug...

Bull Mug (special offer)

Say it all without saying anything, with this fun tongue-in-cheek pictogram mug! The perfect gift for your nearest and dearest, the Bull Mug is an id..

Dog Strip Mug (special offer)

A mug not suitable for puppies, this heat change mug features a suave, tuxedo clad French Bulldog just waiting for you to take a break and slip into s..

Elephant Memo Mug

They say elephants never forget, and now you won't either thanks to this super-fun, super-handy Elephant Memo Mug!..

For Fox Sake Mug

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but who needs a thousand when one will do the job just fine? So embrace the fox as your friend, and let ..

Four Four Tea Mug and Socks Set

300ml (11oz) mug with printed decal and football print socks...

French Bulldog Mug

A cute dog themed mug for animal lovers everywhere. Designed in the shape of an adorable French Bulldog, this is a mug with a bit more pedigree than m..

Hangry Mug

A great gift for those who suffer the classic symptoms more than most, this fun Hangry Mug is a clear way of ensuring you get the lion's share of the ..

Happy Cat Heat Change Mug (special offer)

Curl up with a purrfect mug of your favourite drink and be the cat that got the cream with the Happy Cat Heat Change Mug. A cute cat face with smile ..

I Love Meetings Mug New

I Love Meetings Mug

The perfect gift for anyone who gets excited by well ordered meetings, or meetings about meetings, or even meetings about meetings about yet more meet..

Mermaid Off Duty Mug (special offer)

The hardest thing about being a beautiful mermaid is it can be so difficult to find a good cup of tea in the sea. So enjoy a proper cuppa when off dut..

Panda Hug Mug (special offer)

A lovely panda bear hug of a mug, snuggle into the arms of this cute little friend for a wonderfully relaxing brew and biscuit. Designed like an ador..

Pug Hug Mug

Experience the pug love with a Pug Hug Mug! A lovely puppy themed hug of a mug, snuggle into the arms of this cute little friend for a wonderfully re..

Rudolph Heat Change Mug

Fill Rudolf with a hot drink and see his nose turn red! Capacity 300ml. ..

Santa Dress Up Mug

Get Santa ready for his big day in whatever style you choose with this Santa Dress Up Mug! A standard sized drinking mug featuring a festive Santa de..

Toilet Mug New

Toilet Mug

Enjoy the office coffee the way it's designed to be, in this oversized Toilet Mug! Whether as a perfect gift for work colleagues, or a convenient wa..

Unicorn Dress Up Mug

Add a healthy dose of magic to your tea breaks with a rather magnificent Unicorn Dress Up Mug. A standard sized drinking mug featuring a cute and mys..

Unicorns Are Real Mug

Enjoy a mug filled with magic and sparkle with this Unicorns Are Real Mug – the perfect tea break that'll whisk you away from boredom! A magical heat..

World Travel Mug

Enjoy a drink on the go with a true travel mug to please even the most intrepid globetrotter! A portable drinking mug perfect for explorers and holid..