Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Filled with truly magical gifts, this Harry Potter gift range is sure to prove popular with the ever-growing Harry Potter (and Wizarding World) fanbase. Fully stocked with a wide array of outstanding wholesale gifts, here you will find something for all Harry Potter fans – even those who seem to already have all things Harry Potter. We stock a wide range of incredible wholesale Harry Potter merchandise ranging from iconic mugs through to beautiful gadget decals. We also have products that pair perfectly such as our Harry Potter colour change glass and Hogwarts crest coasters.

The only problem you will face is customers looking for a sorting hat to help them decide which of this great range they love the most.

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Ron Mini Bell Jar Light

Light up your desk or bedside table with this super-cute Ron Mini Bell Jar Light featuring a caricature figurine of Ron Weasley stood inside an illumi..

Sorting Hat Heat Change Coasters

Bring a little Hogwarts magic home with this set of Sorting Hat Heat Change Coasters - and find out which Hogwarts House the magical Sorting Hat picks..

Voldemort Heat Change Mug (special offer)

They say "keep your friends close and your enemies closer", and you can do just that with this stylish Voldemort Heat Change Mug. With a design featur..

Voldemort Wand Pen

Wave a little dark magic into your writing with a wand pen inspired by the master of the Dark Arts and enemy of Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort! The L..