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Let’s be real, stockings are the best part of the holidays until you become an adult and your family fills your stocking with shampoo and body wash. We know adulting is hard, but what are you trying to say, Mom? Whether you’re shopping for a kid, a tween, or an adult, don’t be that person. Put the whimsy back into stockings with these 12 magically nerdy stocking stuffers your friends and family won’t have to mention to their therapist.


  1. Straws

Disposable straws are out and reusable straws are in. Whether you’re sipping strawberry milk or wine, these whimsical straws will get the job done and then some. Pick your poison — unicorns or Super Mario?

  1. Pug In a Mug Tea Infuser

Tis the season to get to roll out those warm beverages. As the cold gets colder, there’s nothing like a hot cup of tea to warm up after freezing to death on the way to work or school. The only thing better than chai tea is chai tea steeped in a pug infuser.

  1. Unicorn Ruler

The number of people who like math can probably be doesn’t exceed the numbers on this rad unicorn ruler. But if you have to do math, why not do it in style?

  1. Batman Pocket Multi-Tool

We’ve all been in a weird situation where we could use a handy knife and screwdriver. Be the Batman you were always meant to be with this sleek toolset that has more applications than an iPhone

  1. Arcade Keyrings

Take nerd history with you on your backpack or purse with these retro arcade keyrings that transport you back to the ‘80s. Anyone have any extra quarters?


  1. Light Up Keyrings

We’ve all stood outside of our doors for five minutes in the dark trying to jam a key into a lock that you just can’t see. Save yourself ten extra minutes of Netflix binging by having a handy light up keyring on your keys or purse. These Harry Potter and Legend of Zelda keychains are nerdy, stylish, and functional.

  1. Call of Duty Flask

For gamers 21 and up, there’s nothing better than a Call of Duty flask to help get through 75 family hugs and a million questions about your dating life (or lack thereof).

  1. Space Invaders Cards

Solitaire doesn’t only have to exist on your 2003 work desktop. Leap back to ‘80s when people played games on a table and not on their phones. If the family has a “no cell phone” rule during family gatherings, Space Invaders cards are the perfect way to pass the time and talk about “the good old days.”

  1. Harry Potter Pens

Why write on paper when laptops exist? Three words — Harry Potter pens. This line of wand pens is perfect for work or school because whenever you get bored, you can lowkey cast spells on people who annoy you.

  1. Super Mario Bros Magnets

Fridge magnets are the perfect gift for the young and the young at heart. Whether you use them for practical purposes like notes and reminders or just want to stage a Super Mario Bros scene on your fridge, you can’t lose with this gift.

  1. Bottle Opener

Liquor stores undoubtedly do the best business around the holidays, so why not be prepared ahead of time with this Game Boy bottle opener? There are many bottles to open when you have to listn to your Great Aunt Lita’s thrilling tale of the hooligans she saw outside of her window at 4 pm. 


  1. Watches

Watches may seem like yesterday’s news, but everyone will thank you when they actually know the time during school or work after Apple watches are banned for being a distraction. Because we all know that watching a clock, definitely makes time go faster… Right? With a choice between Batman and Game Boy, there are no real losers here (except for people who don’t know the time).