Special Offers

Special Offers

Enjoy the best value from across all our ranges with this collection of Special Offers. A mixture of the most innovative and inspired gift ideas at unbeatable prices, there's something for everyone whatever the occasion.

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Cake Cup (special offer) New

Cake Cup (special offer)

For those with a taste for something sweeter, this is a perfectly proportioned cake cup for a home made treat. Designed like a classic baking case wit..

Colour In Make-up Bag (special offer) New

Colour In Make-up Bag (special offer)

Embrace your own individual style with this brilliantly creative Colour Your Own Make-Up Bag. Perfect for all your essentials, the smartly designed ..

Create A Christmas Scene Mug (special offer)

Christmas doesn't really begin until the tree is up and all the festive decorations have been added. So get into the spirit of things early this year ..

Desk Drop (special offer)

Stay organized and entertained with this must have addition to any desk or work space!A desk tidy with a difference, Desk Drop is a fun desktop game t..

Discovery Channel Blow Rockets (special offer) New

Discovery Channel Blow Rockets (special offer)

Create your own aerodynamic rockets to fly higher and further than your friends and family with this fun and creative Blow Rockets set. Choose from th..

Discovery Channel Build Your Own Balloon Powered Hovercraft (special offer) New

Discovery Channel Build Your Own Balloon Powered Hovercraft (special offer)

A fantastically fun set containing everything you'll need to build and race your own hovercraft. Balloon powered, build a hovercraft with the perfect ..

Discovery Channel Cosmic Sand CDU 12pcs (special offer)

The possibilities are endless with this fun, creative, and truly addictive Cosmic Sand. Mould, shape, twist, pull – anything can be done with this utt..

Discovery Channel Create Your Own Globe (special offer)

Be the master of your own creation with this Create Your Own Globe set. Containing everything you need to build your own personalized version of the E..

Discovery Channel Robot Construction Kit (special offer) New

Discovery Channel Robot Construction Kit (special offer)

A robot friend with a difference. With a vibrating body and several sets of interchangeable legs included, swap and change the height and gait to crea..

Festive Nail Wraps (special offer)

Add a Christmas treat to your stocking this year with these bright and colourful Festive Nail Wraps. A perfect festive treat for your fingertips, th..

Globe Pen Pot (special offer)

Make your mark on the world without even leaving your desk with this ceramic Globe Pen Pot. A great addition to any desktop or work space, the Glob..

Mallard Bath Duck (special offer)

The ultimate in rubber ducks, this Mallard Rubber Duck is the true king of bathtime. A duck toy to make time in the tub more fun, the Mallard Bat..

Ninja Heat Change Mug (special offer) New

Ninja Heat Change Mug (special offer)

Out of nowhere, see the Ninja appear with this brilliant heat change mug. Simply add a hot drink to watch the Ninja silently emerge in seconds, watchi..

PAC-MAN Gadget Decals (special offer)

Looking for some great Pac-Man themed gifts? Problem solved. With these Pac-Man Gadget Decals you can make anything and everything into great Pac-Man ..

Robin Heat Change Mug (special offer) New

Robin Heat Change Mug (special offer)

Warm up for Christmas with this brilliantly festive Robin Heat Change Mug. Once the weather starts changing and snow starts hitting the ground, you k..

Sausage Dog Ruler (special offer) New

Sausage Dog Ruler (special offer)

A cute pet for any pencil case, this is a fun little helper that proves dogs really do rule! A quirky Sausage Dog Ruler that includes measurements in..

Trolls Dress Up Mug (special offer)

Get creative with this brilliantly fun Good Luck Trolls Dress Up Mug. A standard sized mug (capacity 300ml) with a cool, classic lucky troll decal tha..

TV Highlighter Desk Set (special offer)

Brighten up your desk or work space with a classic colour TV set. Four brightly coloured highlighter pens and a notebook that all fit into the screen ..

Whale Buddy (special offer)

A cute new Whale Buddy to add a splash of character to your bathroom, shower room or bedroom. The charming Whale Buddy will help you to keep things ti..

Air Amp (special offer)

Get the most from your music with this smartphone music amplifier from T3K. Designed like a miniature classic amp, this is rock and roll at its unplug..

Animal Planet Pixel Bricks (special offer)

Reduced from £50.00The giants of nature are yours with this Pixel Bricks collection from Animal Planet. Build your own Lion, Elephant, Grizzly Bear, a..

Batman Glow in the Dark Mug (special offer)

Batman likes the dark. He can see in it. You can’t. And that’s not good if you’re thirsty and the lights are off.  So here’s the Batman Glow in ..

Build Your Own Wind Powered Car (special offer)

Reduced from £2.50Can you build the best wind-powered car? This set contains all the components necessary to build a variety of cars and full instruct..

Chupa Chups Lolly Moulds (special offer)

Reduced from £2.91Create your own lollies or Chupa Chups style cake-pops with this set of two moulds and lolly sticks.  Making them is easy, c..

Chupa Chups Scented Tea Lights (special offer)

Reduced from £2.91Add a bit of style to your bedroom or bathroom with this set of Chupa Chups Scented Tea Lights.  A set of five delightful ca..

Desktop Fishing Stationery Set (special offer)

Desktop Fishing includes a pencil fishing rod, complete with hook, ten metal fish-shaped paper clips and a pond-shaped memo pad. Use the hook to catch..

Emergency Pint Glass (special offer)

You'll be ready for any situation with this Emergency Pint glass.  So when all about you are losing theirs, keep your head and be a man my son. ..

Episode VII Gadget Decals (special offer)

Looking for some great Star Wars memorabilia? Problem solved. With these Star Wars: The Force Awakens Gadget Decals you can make anyth..

Episode VII Key Covers (special offer)

Distinguish your keys with these brilliant Star Wars themed key covers. Featuring the classic design of smuggler Han Solo's famous lig..

Giraffe Tape Measure (special offer)

When a job needs doing, it's best to call in the experts. So if you're looking for a tape measure, this giraffe is head and shoulders above the compet..

I Heart Biscuits Mug (special offer)

No more fumbling whilst trying to carry both your mug and teatime biscuit. Simply slot the biscuit into the pocket provided and you're good to go! Cap..

Mexicorn on the Cob (special offer)

Add a touch of Mexican style to your corn on the cob with these novelty holders. Each set contains a sombrero and a pair of boots which clip together ..

PAC-MAN Keychain With Sounds (special offer)

Cute PAC-MAN-shaped keyring with authentic game sounds at the touch of a button. ..

Pup Cakes (special offer)

One thing everybody loves - cute puppies. Another thing everybody loves - cup cakes.  Sounds like you’re onto a winner here then. With these pu..

R2-D2 Torch with Sound (2016 packaging) (special offer)

For any Star Wars fan fearful of slipping too far over to the Dark Side, this handy little R2-D2 Torch is just the thing to guide the way safely back...

Snap Macro Lens (special offer)

Reduced from £2.08Position the Snap Macro Lens over the centre of your phone's camera lens, remove the lens cover and you're ready to start taking hig..

Space Chopper (special offer)

Get a slice of your childhood back with this retro design pizza cutter wheel. Shaped as the craze toy of the 70s, the Space Chopper pizza cutter is s..

Star Wars 3D Coasters (special offer)

Use the protection of the Force to keep unsightly stains from your desk or table with these brilliant 3D Star Wars Coasters.  Featuring a..

Star Wars Captain Phasma Chrome Plated Mug (special offer)

When empires collide across the galaxies, there's no better way to resolve arguments than settling down with a nice a cup of tea.  So if you want..

Star Wars Gadget Decals (special offer)

Looking for some great Star Wars memorabilia? Problem solved. With these Star Wars Gadget Decals you can make anything and everything into great Star ..

Star Wars Sound Mug (special offer)

Saving the galaxy from the Dark Side is thirsty work. Enjoy a tea break with this officially licensed Star Wars Sound Mug. Featuring your favourite ch..

Stormtrooper™ Bottle Opener (special offer)

There was a reason why Darth Vader surrounded himself with Stormtroopers. As the most feared foot soldiers in the Galaxy, they were very good at their..

Superman 3D Lenticular Notebook (special offer)

Whether creating your own comic, building a scrapbook, or just in need of somewhere to make a note or two, this Superman Notebook is just the thing.&n..

Tiny Tiered Cake Mould (special offer)

Reduced from £1.66Create your own miniature, three-tiered cakes with this silicone cake mould. Makes four cakes measuring approximately 4.5 cms tall a..

Toasty Notes (special offer)

A novelty twist on the ubiquitous plain, yellow sticky notes. Practical and fun. 100 sticky notes. ..

Trolls Photobooth (special offer) New

Trolls Photobooth (special offer)

The perfect gift for fans of DreamWorks' Trolls, this photobooth set features all the props you need for making your very own Troll snaps.Included are..